7th July 2016
Day 06, Villiers-Charlemagne to La Fl├Ęche

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Another really hot day with amazing scenery, so beautiful. Made it to a town with a large screen so Mike could watch the world cup footy.
Length - 17min 38
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Start time: 08:18
Start location: xxxx
Start weather: xxxx
Total millage so far: 282.57

Stops: xxxx

Finish time: 00.00
Finish location: xxxx
Finish weather: xxxx
Miles today: 48.58 (Strava says - 48.5 = 331.9)
Total millage so far: 331.15
Today's top speed: 28.7 (Strava says - 28.2)
Punctures: 00

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Blog for the day:
Really hot day in the saddle and it is due to get much hotter tomorrow! Not sure what time to get up, but it will have to be early. Today's ride was nice and easy'ish. Some parts were under avenues of trees while a few parts on fast straight main roads. Most gave us room.

Scenery was amazing again and similar to the rolling hills on the transam. Bbq again tonight which is good. Would have liked to have tried the tender chicken which is their specialty. Not much to say. The frogs were croaking loudly as we had a quick walk up to town and back.

Bike is working out fine although my ass hurts! We are trying to find where to have a halfway point during tomorrow's long ride. Not much about. Lots of old cars from the uk are down this way for a show or something.

Done some laundry the other day and that is all dry. The garmin seems to be playing up as it is not recording all my data. Grrrr.