9th July 2016
Day 08, Blois - day off

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Ahhh great, a day off. To be honest, the past week has not been too hard. It has been really pleasant, apart from the weather in the first week. So here I am now, sitting with a glass of wine in the courtyard of this gorgeous little hotel right on the Loire river. Two of our gang leave tomorrow morning which is a real shame. It now takes us to 5 with Phil driving the van. I think it will make it harder for everyone as people found their natural riding pace partner.

Blois is nice, the chateau is gorgeous with lots to see inside. We were lucky in that we are in the town centre and he market took place on Saturday, our day off. It's a local market for local people, no tourist tat, instead, lovely fresh produce. It was reasonably busy with the stalls appearing to sell most of their goods pretty early on. Bought some lovely sweet dough things. Chomp. Not sure why I am not loosing we by yet.

The food at our hotel is meant to be really good, so we are eating here tonight. The chateau was amazing and we spent a few hours there after browsing the market. Mike Usa and Dave went for a ride out to the chateaus today, we wanted a day off lol. Got to hear how they are so we can plan out day tomorrow.

So far everyone is going smoothly - I think. The weather is due to cool down by 10degrees on Monday, so that is really nice. It is over 30 at the moment. Chris froome won an amazing race today, taking the yellow jersey. Might have to get a copy of l'equipe. Hope buster at home is ok. .