22nd July 2016
Day 21, Roussillon to Near Aix-en-Provence airport

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Length - 10min 32
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Garmin route for today - - Strava route for today


Start time: 09:02
Start location: xxxx
Start weather: xxxx
Total millage so far: 981.34 (add 10 perhaps)

Stops: xxxx

Finish time: 00.00
Finish location: xxxx
Finish weather: xxxx
Miles today: 52.68 (Strava says - 59.1 = 1062.9)
Total millage so far: 1034.02 (add 10 perhaps)
Today's top speed: 00.00 garmin cock up (Strava says - 45.4mph)
Punctures: 01 (outside shitty town)

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Blog for the day:
Writing this a day late as was way too tired last night to do it. When I got in I just wanted to get straight in to bed - which I did :)

The day had a few scattered showers and even though humid, the temperature was ok, although it did sap my energy. The road surfaces were mixed. Went through a couple of nice places but one town sticks in my mind as one to avoid and I hope it goes under like so many French towns seem to have done - which is a shame. Basically I rode in to town and was starving. Found a nice looking restaurant in the shade, full of locals so it must be good, and went to sit down. The English hating bitch frog was like, that table is reserved, in French of course. Didn't bother to offer another table, which some other people pointed out to us. I just turned my nose up and refused, said a few things about the rudeness and left town. Refused to spend my money in a town like that. To cap it off, I got a puncture just outside of town.

Rest of the day was ok, just hard going because of the previous day's ride. It was a shame the weather was not so good as when I cycled the same roads at Easter, it was similar weather and I wanted to see Provence in the sun. Oh well.

Belgium "drivers". Can they not drive to save their lives? They have to be the worst drivers I've come across. They don't give enough room, drive way too fast and are generally c*nts. Some of the French aren't much better either.

Hmmm forget now as writing this much later. One of the things that was great was the ride down the gorge with the cicadas screaming in the background. Fantastic. Road surface was but great but still good fun. Some real tourist trap towns selling things at very inflated prices.

A few rain showers again which was a shame. In the evening we went back in to Aix to eat. Great to go back to the town again although full of tourists rather than glamorous women. Tomorrow is the last day.