24th July 2016
Day 23, Cassis to home

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Blog for the day:
Well here we are in Cassis after completing our adventure in attritious conditions. It is now very hot and sunny, although in the background there seems to be storm clouds leaving. It is late afternoon though and we are at the station waiting for our train.

So today was a case of loading up the van, seeing off Phil & Roger, then relaxing around town having a lazy breakfast. A walk around the town and down the cliffs to different coves, we headed back for more food then down to the beach for a few hours. A great feeling to swim in the Mediterranean Sea after all those miles.

After some ice cream we sat to dry off watching families play boule in the park. Now we wait for the train to Marseille then another to the airport. It has been an amazing adventure, and another I will never forget. The highs and lows, the flats and mountains all. So many places we passed through that it is hard to put place names to photographs. So many things stand out, the sights, smells and tastes that it will be a shame to go back to the real world and to a routine again.

I think the end of the trip was ruined by re rain, I really wanted everyone I see the sea as we peddled down to the bay, instead we nearly drowned form all the rain! There are always regrets though and some we are unable to do anything about and hopefully some we can learn from. Could I turn this trip in to an official tour and making a living from? Not sure. I will be happy to see buster, have our own bed, toilet seat and as much loo paper as I want!

Thanks to everyone who came on this adventure and made it what it was. It was great to share with you what I envisaged and share those fantastic sights too. We were really lucky to have Phil drive out van and look after us along the way. The ice creams were a life saver. It was lovely to have Mike Usa along for the ride too having not seen him for 4years, it was great catching up, sharing tales of the TA and sharing this new adventure with him. I'm also very happily surprised that both Ben and Roger completed the trip with out riding in the van - to my knowledge. Chapeau!.

On the train now and it's odd that we are moving without peddling and issuing energy. A completely new concept, and at speed too! Much more civilised.