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23rd June 2023
Day 07, Dienville to Langres

Start time: 08.39
Finish time: 00.00
Miles today: 64.20
Total millage so far: 431.06
Today's top speed: 35.8mph
Punctures: 00
week1 - 431.05 miles

Blog for the day:
431.05 miles completed. What a difference 24hrs makes. The sun is out and it's getting hot again. The cycling temperature was perfect as were the quiet roads. All gone to plan, week1 done!! Can't believe we've done a week already and no one has crashed or had enough. Although ubald went missing early on and I thought he had scarpered early on.

Scenery it just getting better and better, amazing. So happy about the way the route I has turned out. No disasters, all the places look so much better than on the street view / Google earth.

Part of the route was blocked by a fallen down house, so had to take a detour. Feet are hurting a bit, hope they sort themselves out. One of the towns I routed us through because le tour had passed through it once, great to see the zebra crossing painted in the shirt colours.

Keep forgetting all the amazing things we keep seeing. The villages are so pretty, can just imagine living here. The legs are feeling good, low heart rate. No sign of Mark yet, his last day. Tea total Mikes birthday today.

Anyway, at hotel, time for a lovely shower. Hopefully they have the full combo of toilet seat, paper and hand wash. Hotel staff a mixed bunch, one has the face of a slapped arse who was not happy that we asked where our rooms were.

Damp clothes hanging up in room now, and getting ready for a beer or two.

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