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29th June 2023
Day 13, Hauteville-Lompnes to Annecy

Start time: 08:00
Finish time: 00.31
Miles today: 74.22
Total millage so far: 777.12
Today's top speed: 39.4mph
Punctures: 00

Blog for the day:
Good god, what a tough day! Started off cresting the Col de la Lèbe and seeing the most amazing sight of mountains! Blew my socks off, then that descent. Wow wow wow. Perfect roads, the surface the views into the corners. I am in heaven. Cows with bells, song birds, alpine flowers, and the col du Grand Colombier. I was going to do the rough route but opted for the "easier" version as I wanted to go around and do the lacets also. The climb was super hard but enjoyable. Don't reply like the flys buzzing around my sweaty face and the butterfly's overtaking me as I go slowly up, but it was great to achieve.

Ben and ubald came up after me, I then went down and did the lacets. The descent was sketchy as f**k, so was on the brakes the whole way. The drivers of France are getting 100 times worse. Having more near misses here than in London. They don't give you an inch of room, getting really pissed off with them tbh.

The lacets were super hard but I managed to do them, there wasn't a view to get a photo, so will need a helicopter next time lol. Long ride into Annecy for a rest day. Well dodgy route but best I could work. Meant to rain tomorrow, don't really care as long as it is clear for the next days riding. Nice hotel, right on the lake. Annoying loud cyclists staying here also 🤣. Laundry needs doing, bike clean and a nice cool shower before all of that.

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