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4th July 2023
Day 18, Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne to Briançon

Start time: 08:27
Finish time: 00.00
Miles today: 54.58
Total millage so far: 991.44
Today's top speed: 36.7mph
Punctures: 00

Blog for the day:
Christ, that was the hardest day ever. Bloody hard! Very hard! First climb was ok, I got approached by AG2R as two youth teams past me. I had to decline though as I am committed to this trip. The scenery was so impressive, breath taking. So so pretty. Every direction you look, was just mountains.

We started in the route the TdF has used many times, so again, it was great to ride the same roads they do. It was pretty cold in the shade though. The first climb was alright, kinda enjoyed it. So the two squads of AG2r passed me at a steady pace, no way to keep up.

At the top it was very busy with other cyclists. Later one of the youth squads past by in the opposite direction. The other one would pass us outside of Valloire. The descent into town was ok and the town itself was pretty, not the usual concrete ski resort.

The second climb wss hellish, long, never ending, hot but seriously pretty. Lots of motorbikes again and fast cars. I left my gel in the van, so was without all day, really could have done with that hot about 7k to go. Near the top, a french guy yapped at me and we helped each other get to the top. It was breathtaking up there. Every way you look, it was jaw dropping. Super busy up there with cyclists, motorbikes and flash uk cars zooming around.

The descent was hair raising what with the deep rims, would have been much more fun with normal wheels. Again, it was spectacular. The end town of Briançon is very nice, the old part anyway.

Nearly there, the end is in sight!

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