6th/7th June 2024
Day 00 London to Menton

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Prep' and trip down to Menton

Blog for the day:

14hr drive from Calais to Menton!  Phew. So, after the dramas of work which always happens before a holiday, we set off down to the tunnel on Thursday night, 6th June D-Day.  Got up at 05.30 and left at 6am and started heading south. Roads were good, clear with good drivers. The toll tag worked perfectly which was a relief.

Stopped off at 8.30 to get some breakfast and picnic stuff for the drive down, plus to top up the car with fuel. We crossed the 2023 cycle route several times which was nice.

Lyon was a nightmare to get through and the traffic started getting heavier too. Lots more crazy drivers.  The Belgium's weren't too bad this time. The French, driving while on their phones, getting so close to your bumped that you can't see them in your wing mirrors. Bad bad driving all the way down, weaving in and out.

Got to the hotel and had a great pizza just a stones throw from where we are staying the night. Weather got bad as we headed into the French hills behind Menton. Hope it is better for the cycling. Got some sleep last night, just nice to get ready and go. 

notes, lots of screen grabs of the car crossing the 2016 and 2023 route. I couldn't get some as I was driving at that time.