14th June 2024
Day 07, Capestang to Carcassonne

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Garmin route for today - - Strava route for today

Miles today: 53.82
Total millage so far: 443.10
Today's top speed: 40.1mph
Punctures: 00

Blog for the day:

Yahhhh first week down! 443.1miles / 713.1km. Knee feeling better but felt sick all day, so no food since breakfast, unless this glass of rosé wine counts? So nice to be cycling on great roads in the sun, the sound the bike makes when it's happy is amazing. Yes some roads were pretty heavy, but majority were smooth. Some shit drivers, maybe that's down to them all getting drunk at lunchtimes? Coming too close or cutting corners on me.

Can't wait to have a shower and a sleep, feeling like I deserve it before the mountains on Sunday. Ben leaves then and is replaced by Phil, our normal van driver for the trips. Hopefully it will be much easier for him this time as it's just me; been no dramas in the first week so fingers crossed all good for the second.

Lots of nice villages today, lots to see. Crossed the TdF route somewhere, but forgot to add to map! 🤦‍♂️. Did go through lots of places where it has been previous though. Been a great day. Not too fast, nice and chilled pace. Shame no pool at this hotel. Amazing to see Carcassonne for the first time, can't wait to go explore later. Loads of vines again, some nice friendly cats to stroke. Our house was finally on Queenie after they filmed this time last year at it, nice to see. Oh, an amazing church full of chandeliers! Some town had some rugby team parade which looked cool.

Think that's it, first week done and dusted. Happy days. Now it's laundry time so I have clean kits for next week 😩

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