16th June 2024
Day 09, Carcassonne to Escouloubre

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Miles today: 60.77
Total millage so far: 503.87
Today's top speed: 32.8mph
Punctures: 00

Blog for the day:

Yazz said The only way is up, and that's what the following week is going to provide. It was nice to have a day off in Carcassonne, look around the city and relax. Weather wasn't the best, but it was dry. The old city is amazing and worth a visit, cheap Ryanair flights available. Today the weather was great, perfect for cycling. Ben left and now Phil has taken over the driving, fingers crossed it all goes well. Bought some nice wine and other bits for home.

Took a few wrong turns but generally the route worked well. Cresting the first hill after Carcassonne I was greeted with my first sight of The Pyrenees in the distance, with snow on some of the mountains. Shit!! Passed a nice retro garage and bagged a few more cols. lots of other cyclists out and about too. Dropped into this amazing church, but there was a sign to say no photographs. Shame as it was amazing inside. Not sure if it was one of my TdF finds or not.
Passed through some more nice towns with old bridges.

Loads more vineyards and spectacular views. Many of the villages looked to have had festivals last night, some looked very boozy affairs. Some sunflower fields but no way near blooming yet. Dropped into a local market looking for a nice quiche or something nice, but it wasn't too great for my needs. Lots of amazing cheese and rotisserie chickens with the potatoes covered in fat, they are so tasty, but no good for eating which cycling. The market was full of Brits, yanks and rich hippies living the dream.

Had a bite to eat & a beer in Quillan. There was a car boot sale too, but didn't have time to check it out. Always enjoy these kind of things. Then it was onto the gorge which was amazing. Sped up the hill, it was also nice that there was a new road surface in places. Turning off the main road and onto the narrow steep hill to the accommodation was hard work. Didnt enjoy that as much lol. Then couldn't find the house, luckily some locals were about and directed me. Phew! Overall, a good day to cycle. Nice things to see along the route. Real mountains start tomorrow.

Ps the french cyclists do like to wrap up warm with arm warmers, jackets, leggins etc

notes - i liked the snow poles warning of the roads edge, always remind me of Where Eagles Dare. Great to see some of the towns I have seen on the TdF or other French races. Glad I started my database of places to visit and see. Shame could not take photos in the church as it was amazing inside, painted stone, artwork everwhere, fantastic.

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