18th June 2024
Day 11, Tarascon-sur-Ari├Ęge to Castillon-en-Couserans

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Miles today: 61.65
Total millage so far: 618.93
Today's top speed: 35.4mph
Punctures: 00

Blog for the day:

Fucky fuck fuck, that was hard. Never again, feel like packing up and going home. Way too hard a day with more to come. Me & my bright ideas!

What can I remember about the day? It was cool to start off with but was really hot on the climbs. The descents were good as they have been all week, fast, fun, not too dangerous. The climbs are pretty but hard, not too busy like the alps. Still get the guys on motorbikes, but not as many. Towns are a lot smaller with less options (if any), to get food and water, although got lucky today.

Went though lots of TdF places which is always good. Hmmm lots of cow pats on the climbs and descents, so it can be dangerous in places, plus some of the animals like to cross the road at their leisure. Yeah just very pretty but brutal.

Notes. Descents have been warm and not needed a jacket or anything, like we did in the alps. There was a stray dog running along side the road which kept following me, hope he was ok. Looked like there had been a strong storm go through as lots of the narrow roads has debris scattered about. Cow pats on the climbs and descents plus animals. Few bad drivers. Popped one gel near the top, not sure if helped. This was a nice descent, hard climbs as a lots in a row. Last of the good weather, so it was good to do lots of climbs today

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