Awesome 3 - Dont go (promo) - X.L. recordings (0877)
Unfortunatly I seemed to have been sold a dud in one of Manchesters record shops,
instead of 2 different EP's got 2 of the same :-(

Record 1
Dont go (Dancing divaz extended radio mix)
Dont go (Original mix)
Dont go (Dancing divaz club mix)

Record 2 (recorded as mp3)
Dont go (KenDoh M1 piano mix)
Dont go (KenDoh M62 hard mix)
Dont go (Sunshine state club mix)
Dont go (Sunshine state dub mix)

Code: XLT 78 DJ - Bought: 2nd hand (1998) - Released: 1996 - Barcode: ??