13th July 2016
Day 12, Mézières-en-Brenne to Aigurande

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Start time: 08:55
Start location: xxxx
Start weather: xxxx
Total millage so far: 532.82

Stops: xxxx

Finish time: 00.00
Finish location: xxxx
Finish weather: xxxx
Miles today: 60.99 (Strava says - 60.9 = 594.6)
Total millage so far: 593.81
Today's top speed: 00.00 - garmin cock up. (Strava says - 31.5mph)
Punctures: 00

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Blog for the day:
What have I learnt about the French on this trip, well I knew most of these things already but here goes. The favorite word of the French is "no". The favorite phrase of the French is "no, it is not possible". Also not all french drivers are accommodating to cyclists and some of their road surfaces are a nightmare.

The end of yesterday's ride was the only day so far where I just wanted stage to end as the miles never went down. Today's was better. The breakfast was crap but we set off. Finally we had a tailwind! Amazing. Long smooth straight roads with a tailwind, I shot along. Lovely. I passed a lovely field full of purple flowers which smelt amazing!!! No idea what they were.

The old roman town sucked but some of the houses perched on the river were gorgeous. I cycled up to the golden Madonna on the hill, it had good views and then I popped over to the ww2 massacre monument.

So after that town it wasn't too far till the next towns with a few long hills at over 5%. A bit of a warm up for things to come. Saw a gorgeous old castle really with a moat, maybe a small chateau you'd call it. Anyway it was lovely. Getting to town was long and hilly and off in the distance I could see the large looming hills of Thursday's ride and beyond. The town we stayed in has been in le tour a couple of times, I think it is on my list of places. It is sweet. Noticed that a lot of the small towns have, well, people who like.... they come from a small town and not many new people come in and stay. Nice all the same.

The hotel I love. Totally amazing and retro. Lots of dark heavy wood, stone floors 17th century stair case etc. It is located in the old part of the town, most of the shops have left this part now. Very sad. No menu just play du jour. in the evening there was a Bastille day party in the new square which was fun with live music.

Oh, learner drivers have to display a "A" sticker on their car. I guess it means ass hole or accident waiting to happen as they drive like maniacs.