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17th June 2023
Day 01, Calais to Équirre

Start time: 10.06
Finish time: 00.00
Miles today: 65.78
Total millage so far: 65.78
Today's top speed: 40.08mph
Punctures: 00

Blog for the day:
Completed day1. Gosh it's hot! What to say. Amazing, finished. Been a fun day with dramas as usual. The ferry was super easy and could be done in a day, like the old wiggle rides around Calais. Met the van were planned. The drivers today were a mixed bag, some really good, some terrible and worthy of English drivers. I wonder as Audi is a world wide brand, that it comes in the manual that you drive like an idiot.

Great news, there is a campsite where planned. Phew! Tea Total Mike has finally had a beer tonight! Great news. Had to ride backstop with the slow riders, groan. Bens gears were messed up and mark found it hard going. Today was a short 65 odd miles. Tomorrow is 80 something and lumpy. Lunch worked out well with the van also. Funniest part was when we did a photo shoot at the Agincourt sign, sticking our "V's" up for a joke, the french gods caused mark to have an instant puncture. Prob more happened but forget after a few beers. Route worked well. Done I think. Need a shower etc.

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