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18th June 2023
Day 02, Équirre to Albert

Start time: 08.40
Finish time: 00.00
Miles today: 78.28
Total millage so far: 144.06
Today's top speed: 34.7mph
Punctures: 00

Blog for the day:
Rain! That's what we had today. Started off with a few spots which were fine, 10miles in and it was getting heavy. Needed coats and overshoes. Real shame, but only lasted half the day. It did mean that I couldn't spend as much time looking at ww1 history due to wet feet and getting a chill. I guess we are in the ww1 battlefields, so at least we were not being bombed, shot at or gassed.

Lots of amazing things to see today, very emotional. Cycling was good, lots of other people out on their bikes. Saw more locals too! Yesterday everyone was missing! We think it was due to marrying Saturday! Every church we went past, a wedding was taking place and it was full. Today there were fetes and all kinds of things happening.

Glad we had the van, as a nice cup of hot tea came in very welcome, as well as dry socks and overshoes. Still getting the odd crap driver. Saw the crater I wanted to see, loudest man made bang at the time, possibly heard in London.

Got an amazing b&b tonight with home made dinner. Stuffed as it thunders and lightning outside. Hope it is dry tomorrow. Was perfect temps once the rain had stopped, better than yesterday. Bed is calling.

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