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26th June 2023
Day 10, Chambœuf to Tournus

Start time: 08:28
Finish time: 00.00
Miles today: 68.09
Total millage so far: 574.94
Today's top speed: 36.30mph
Punctures: 00

Blog for the day:
Started off "cold" but soon heated up, the forecast was for it to be a cool 24degrees, but it was much hotter. The scenery just gets better and better as the trip goes forward. After dropping down from the high plains, we entered more vineyards. These look much better than the champagne ones and the towns much wealthier, some really pretty chateaus & homes.

Lots of pretty things to see, glad to go slow and see as many as possible and not just rush through. Still miss things when get tired, will have to come back! So many butterflies again, beautiful. Even the sunflowers are starting to come out. There was some scary perfect looking village, not sure what was going on with it. Been able to see the foothills of the mountains in the distance, scary!

Going to get harder and harder this week in preparation for the final week.

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