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27th June 2023
Day 11, Tournus to Mont Brouilly

Start time: 08:20
Finish time: 00.00
Miles today: 58.77
Total millage so far: 633.71
Today's top speed: 37.01mph
Punctures: 00

Blog for the day:
Halfway through the trip now and things are hotting up! 30odd degrees today and we are kicking up some hills. In the distance we can make out the mountains, and I am enjoying seeing the worry on everyone's faces 🤣, even my own lol.

A few more fighter jets were screaming around the sky, while we peddled up and down the rolling hills of Burgundy into Beaujolais. We did a bit of wine tasting although the main places we wanted to buy from were either closed or sold out. Last night of camping for awhile now which is good, think everyone is fed up with it. Still lots of birds and butterfly's about and the odd cat.

Skipped the boulangerie today and opted for an apple instead. Always feel good and strong in the morning but after a long lunch, I feel whacked, prob the increase in heat too. It turns out the TdF used a lot of my route, so we cycled where the pros will be in a few weeks time. That kinda thing always excite me, even more so when the town gets dressed up for it. Lots of pretty houses, chateau and buildings along the route. Think everyone is happy. The last climb, the col de roger 🤣 was harder than I remembered. Everyone made it which was a good moral boost. Lots of climbing tomorrow, so off to bed now.

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