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1st July 2023
Day 15, Annecy to ArĂȘches

Start time: 08:32
Finish time: 00.00
Miles today: 63.66
Total millage so far: 840.78
Today's top speed: 29.3mph
Punctures: 00

Blog for the day:
Cold, wet, tired and feeling fed up lol. Great ride around Annecy lake, really easy and fab designed cycle path. Got to the first climb of the day and there was a road closed barrier, tried to circumnavigate it, but turns out it was impossible to pass the landslide. Had to descend the climb and take another route around. Lots of nice flowers and cows with bells. First day of the TdF and just watching it live as trying to write this. Drivers were a bit better today, even on the busier main roads. Got to the next climb, Signal de Bisanne and a bit of drizzle turned into rain. The climb itself was ok and enjoyable. The descent was not fun in the wet. Should have been fantastic and would have been if dry, sucks big time. As it was, started to freeze on the way down, no sign of the van even though putting out distress call. Teeth chattering, freezing. At the bottom I managed to find an open cafe and warm up there. Very pretty area, worth a visit. Didn't get to go into Beaufort as was soaking wet and freezing. Hotel is nice, hope the weather improves for the coming days, but it doesn't look like it. Sucks after all the work put into the trip. Who's going to win todays stage1 of the TdF.

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