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2nd July 2023
Day 16, ArĂȘches to Moutiers

Start time: 09:06
Finish time: 00.00
Miles today: 49.59
Total millage so far: 890.37
Today's top speed: 35.6mph
Punctures: 00

Blog for the day:
Wow effing wow. What a descent the col de Roselend was!! Best day ever. Mike took a day off with Roger & ubald opting to do a shorter ride. So it was up to Ben & I to do the route. Bit of a cold and damp start which didn't hinder the fell runners with their helmets, sticks and rope from running up and down mountains all day. Glad we had done some of the Pre, I think we had 7km left? Once over the top, the view was spectacular. I had wanted sumner clear views, but this was just as good. The dam was lit in some sunlight and the water was such a colour. This descent was good fun too.

The col de Roseland was short with just the best views and scenery ever. Snow on the mountains, cows with their bells, hot cyclists. There were lots of motorbikes with some blasting out music, but it didn't take anything away from that climb. Lots of TdF writing on the road at the very top, always gives you a buzz. Took some pics for people.

Put some extra jackets on, seem to have lost my gilet somewhere now. So, the descent. You got to try it, there is the history of the races which have been over it of course, but it's the views as you come down towards Bourg what-do-do-you-call-it. The roads are wide and open, good surface even with the odd cow wandering around. Big sweeping bends, had to peddle a lot in some places which is always annoying lol. Couldn't take any photos as was enjoying it way too much. A bunch of Audi drivers came racing up the mountain which was annoying. Done it, job done.

Had lunch then did the last climb of the day, the Tra. Most of my route for today is going to be using in the TdF in a few weeks time, so it's great to think they will be racing the same roads slightly faster lol. There was no countdown to the summit which might have been helpful as no mental thought about the distance. The descent was super fun and technical. Mixture of new and old road surfaces. Weather improved a lot more than expected. Very hot at bottom of Roseland and then the Tra. The main road into moutiers sucks, there looks like they could put in a cycle lane on the other side of the river, but no. Anyway, bloody great day on the bike, which is beginning to look and sound a bit sorry for itself. Needs a hosepipe and some tlc.

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