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5th July 2023
Day 19, Briançon to Embrun

Start time: 08:39
Finish time: 00.00
Miles today: 47.05
Total millage so far: 1,038.49
Today's top speed: 37.3mph
Punctures: Changed two tyres and two inner tubes due to wear and tear

Blog for the day:
Broke the 1000 miles mark today. 1,038.46 in total. What a great day, best riding day for a while. Felt a bit dodgy in the morning and didn't think I'd have the energy to do much, but as soon as on the climb, it was business as usual, although at one point I did think I'd have to do a Tom Dumoulin in one of the fields!! The scenery was similar to what we saw on the TransAm in and around Montana and surrounding states. So so pretty. This was defo the best climb of the trip. It was short, punchy with great scenery, do it if you can.

Notes I keep forgetting to add, a few days back the scenery reminded me of Where Eagles Dare and kept expecting a snow plough to come around the corner cutting off the little poles at the side of the road. Also, what is it with the bugs in the alps. When climbing at my sorry speed, you are surrounded by bugs like the guy on the Charlie Brown cartoon. Then in the descent, huge bugs smack you in the face with real force!!!

Everywhere you look, it just takes your breath away. Lots of photographers shooting you with the best backgrounds, not had a chance to look to see the results yet though. Lots of tour groups doing the big climbs, overtook a couple then on the last corner at the top of the climb, their support van cut into me on the corner forcing me to brake and nearly squash me into the wall. Totally knew what he was doing as he's the support driver for one of the cycle tours. Chased him down and gave him a few choice words. Didn't say anything back so I guess he knew he was in the wrong.

Gets cold at the too quickly, so we all descended after having our pics taken. An EF energy guy came over the top, had all the kit and matching bike, didn't stop and went down again lol. The downhill was one of the best again. The wind played a bit of havoc yet again, but managed to control it the best I could. For me, it's a real buzz to ride the same climbs as the pro's. Seen them so many times on tv, dream come true.

Long descent into camp, always good to have the climb at the beginning of the day. Embrun is a nice town also. Not quite out of the alps yet, but getting close. A few mountains to climb before dropping down to the Med'.

Had to change two tyres at camp as one of the sidewalls had become pretty damaged and the back one had a nasty hole forming. Both tyres were pretty shredded. Only a few days left. Camp is one of the best so far, the toilets have all the mod' cons such as a toilet seat, paper in the individual stalls and hand wash! So far the camps have always missed off at least one of these lol.

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