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6th July 2023
Day 20, Embrun to Sisteron

Start time: 08:38
Finish time: 00.00
Miles today: 58.94
Total millage so far: 1,097.43
Today's top speed: 39.9mph
Punctures: 00

Blog for the day:
Phew! We made it out the alps today, or at least into the foothills. The hard work is behind us now and it's all downhill to the mediterranean, apart from a few bumps lol. Today was still hard what with the "dragon teeth" climbs we had to do. The second climb was very steep, a bit too much, especially with all the flys buzzing around us. But the views yet again, couldn't believe our eyes. It's been great near enough every day. The temperature was perfect, until nearer the end, but I guess we are in the south of France. Went a bit slower on the first climbs so to spend more time with the group.

We had a snack in a nice little town before dropping down to damn, great to see "Sky" and "Froome" written on the road, couldn't grab a photo though. Also heard a woodpecker earlier on in the day. The colour of the water was turquoise again, the lake is huge.

Seen our first lavender field but the sunflowers were not as advanced as the ones we saw before the alps. Vines are back, so tea total Mike is happy. The descent to Sisteron was good, but had to pedal into a headwind all the way down. Great scenery. Mike & roger tried a two man breakaway, chased them down, got my breath back, refuelled and jumped past them at the right moment. The end town of Sisteron is another of my TdF finds, always wanted to visit, so here we are. Hope to go for an explore before dinner. No more camping, tent is in the bin! Hotels for the next few nights before we finish and go home.

Update, Mike fails to eat biggest banana split ever

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