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7th July 2023
Day 21, Sisteron to Quinson

Start time: 08:45
Finish time: 00.00
Miles today: 56.44
Total millage so far: 1,153.87
Today's top speed: 33.00mph
Punctures: 00

Blog for the day:
Penultimate day completed. Sitting by the pool after a relatively easy day. Last night we said goodbye to ubald which was sad. He gave a great speech, I hope he enjoyed himself being part of the group for two weeks.

It has been a long 3 weeks and I feel everyone is getting tired and are ready for home. Early morning feeding of the cute baby donkey was probably the highlight of the day. Again, it was super pretty all along the route. Got photos of some amazing lavender fields before heading into Les Mees where I finally got Phil's van stuck by not following my notes lol. It has taken 3 weeks, so that is a major achievement. Lovely rock formations but no local market.

Cycled along the backroads to avoid the main road, they were bumpy and gravely but with nice scenery, including lots of fruit trees. Had some more nice cakes in a town before heading to one of the climbs as one of the riders decided to spit/spray water into the wind thus spraying everyone else behind them.

More lovely lavender fields and instagram posses. Day was heating up, just before another gorgeous Provence hilltop town, there was some strange ufo things going on. Yesterday I noticed someone had drawn a ufo onto a sign of a cow, looked pretty good but no photo. The town was busy but we found somewhere good to picnic. It was then a lumpy ride, as in hills and road surface to the end town. Amazing towns on the river, would have liked to have jumped in the water, but could do that at the finish. Once here, I found a lovely local bar and got the Rosé wine going.

Can't believe people are talking about the next trip! Need to finish this one yet. Pretty tired and worn out. 3 weeks of cycling this kinda distance is hard work both physically and mentally. Will be nice to get home in a way. Got to think about what to say in tomorrows blog or speech! Got a lovely hotel tonight with a pool. Didn't get get to say bye to ubald properly this morning which was a shame. Hope to get a good nights sleep before a long hot day tomorrow.

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