10th June 2024
Day 03, Le Thoronet to Roque d’Antheron

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Miles today: 69.50
Total millage so far: 197.12
Today's top speed: 31.5mph
Punctures: 00

Blog for the day:

Shit on a stick, the wind blew today! Reminded me of cycling through Kansas in 2012 into headwinds, totally shattered. Some main roads towards the end didn't help with some sloppy drivers. Seemed like every direction was into a headwind. Really begrudge having to peddle hard downhill! Apart from that, it was a good day. Some iffy "roads" as per usual on my trips lol. Lots of nature, so some gorgeous smelling jasmine, a hare, a really pretty blue bird the same colour as a kingfisher but larger. I think a green woodpecker with a red cap too. Loads of vineyards and their chateaus. Natural sweet peas and pretty flowers.

Lots of pretty hilltop villages and some really stiff climbs. Very few people about, drivers seemed to be mostly delivery ones. It was warmer with the dry wind, but it did feel chilly at times. Later on I came across a 1st century BC Roman wine making ruin with huge vessels to hold gallons of it, before the French started making wine themselves. Finally made my first Boulanger stop too. Nice to be away from the cities and into proper Provence now.

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