11th June 2024
Day 04, Roque d’Antheron to Arles

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Miles today: 57.17
Total millage so far: 254.29
Today's top speed: 36.8mph
Punctures: 00

Blog for the day:

Phew, that was a bit better. Still had the occasional bout of strong headwind, but generally a great day out there. Lots of pretty little towns, Roman stuff here and there and some great descents. A few idiot drivers and one motorcyclist who had a death wish with me, but yeah, bloody great. Weather is warming up too, the bike is behaving, so happy Simon.

Had an amazing meal last night and a great breakfast. Really lucked out on the accommodation choices so far. A few real cyclists out there and a lot of overweight old Germans on e-bikes who don't say hello lol. Lots of nice towns and places I'd like to go back and visit properly. Went over this one bridge, no idea how it's still standing! Had to get a photo before it collapsed. Lots of places put into my route are from past TdF. The roman aqueduct was amazing and glad I added that detour. So amazing how they made it, the quality of the stonework etc. then into Arles and the amphitheatre as seen in Ronin. Can't wait to have a good look around later. I was put out that my ride through plan de La tour was not faster lol. So I compared it against when I last cycled there prob' 15yrs ago and I'm slower now! Oh well. Tomorrow it's into the camargue. Let's hope the wind has finished.

2000 years between the Italian craftsmanship of the bike and amphitheater plus the aqueduct. Also the amount of olive trees! Never seen to many!

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