Rave slides

At the first raves we went to back in early 1990, slides and looped film clips played a big part in the rave visuals.
For our raves I used to take along my dad's old slide projector and project slides onto drapes, walls or any surface.
The projector used to be taken along to other peoples raves too, sometimes left on too long and causing the whole
batch of slides to melt. The machine often tripped out the whole electric supply too.

The slides below, which I made were not great. but they were crazy and added something else to the nights visuals, which
sometimes only consisted of one UV tube. They were normally made in the morning after coming back from a rave, we would
still be high or tripping our tits off. Some of the slides were best projected onto something whereas others looked great when projected
through smoke. I also used to use slides from college which showed all kinds of crazy things, from human cells, close up of plants to Dali paintings.

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