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Steart Beach rave video, filmed 2002. £10 for the 1hour version £15 for the longer version with extra footage and music. Available on DVD and VHS Moondance NYE 2002/2003 film. £10. Available on DVD My mix tapes. MP3 or audio CD's £10 each.
MP3 compilation Cd's. My vinyl collection mp3'd A through to E so far. Cd's are £10 each crammed with quality tunes. Pirate radio tapes mp3'd. Lots of these to come, only Chillin FM and Don FM completed so far. Not available for sale as of yet. Bought DJ mix tapes. Selection of rave tapes i have converted to mp3. Choose which ones you want to hear again. £10 per CD
Rap Ep's and albums have been mp3'd. Many other EP's, make your own CD's either audio or mp3 data. All Cd's £10 Old television programs about raves and drugs. These are available as Quick Time movies or on video. Each CD costs £10 (only some Documentaries converted so far) Hijack - The Horns of Jericho. This copy from the original vinyl comes with 2 extra EP's for £10
Each CD comes with colour inlay and colour CD sticker.
All prices include P&P wthin the UK.
Audio CDs and data MP3 CD's available, all up to you.
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