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30th May 2021
My oldskool rave website
Photographs, flyers etc from our raving days in the early 1990s

Please share this documentary about raves and Castle Morton, I helped to contribute.

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The Sound of Belgium
Amazing documentary
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Check out my flyer collection
Acid crackdown, panic on the streets of London
19th November 1988
Rave photo's Bought mixtapes are up
So many newspaper clippings! Rave clothing now up and working Flyer Banner
Pirate radio tapes up, with some MP3's

Rap is in and working

Hijack - The Horns of Jericho.
This CD copy from
the original vinyl comes with 2 extra EP's for £10

Rave slides
Rave drapes Riddler mixtapes now up Pretty terrible, thought this would be a good exhibition, but felt let down by it
Cycle across America

Videos have all been edited
Cycle the length of France
Buy this book from Amazon as my photo's are in it "X" means near photos or flyers that they need to be re-done

lots to add from the old site.

need to change top navitgation and maybe put the width to 900pix

need to check stories, videos, newspaper articles are added to the pics.

Lots of things still need to be sorted and made for the site

RAVE PHOTO'S still need to be sorted

This site contains photographs, stories, news-clippings and many other items from the rave scene, primarily 1991-1993, but still ongoing. It is a piece of mine, and many others history, containing memories for all those involved in the TRUE hardcore Underground scene. This is a true account with evidence of what it was really like on the ground. What has been broadcast on television recently about the 90's and the history of rave is RUBBISH! If you were there then you will know what it was really like, all these DJ's and people who say they were there in the day, crap!
Copyright: All photographs, stories and other items on this site are protected and copyrighted to me. One other site, Craptazia, have stolen some of my newspaper clippings, but this has stopped since I took legal advice, contacted their ISP and stuck wopping big logos over them.
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