Oldskool compilation CD's
£10 each, this includes P+P within the UK.
Taken from my own collection

Volume A1
Containing 33 EP's, 99 MP3 files, 483megs Volume A2
Containing 32 EP's, 98 MP3 files, 494megs
Volume B1
Containing 31 EP's, 100 MP3 files, 504megs Volume B2
Containing 29 EP's, 93 MP3 files, 493megs
Volume C1
Containing 31 EP's, 80 MP3 files, 413megs Volume C2
Containing 30 EP's, 82 MP3 files, 403megs
Volume D1
Containing 39 EP's, 121 MP3 files, 635megs Volume D2
Containing 39 EP's, 118 MP3 files, 576megs
Volume DJ
Containing 46 EP's, 135 MP3 files, 676megs
Volume E1
Containing 29 EP's, 99 MP3 files, 453megs Volume E2
Containing 28 EP's, 78 MP3 files, 394megs
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