Drugs stories!
Some classics in here. From the local paper and the nationals.
Afraid they are not in any order.

Security goes to pot Ecstasy drug danger Drug swoop as crowd gathers on motorway
Girl drug runner's free trip Docs free drug man Drug man jailed
BBC video angers drug groups Outrage at Orville's drug song Record high as £10m of ecstasy is seized
Drug cake girl must pay aunt Drug swoop Sesame St drug storm
Blockbuster Bob's fury at "I'll have an E" drug t-shirt Troops face drug charges
Police foil battle of drug gangs West men held in pay party drugs swoop Pal spiked choc bar with LSD
Hippy camp raid: Man on drugs charge Mushroom trip for tots Drug swoop on pub
Police raid nets drugs
Dawn drugs raid on hamlet
£2.5m drugs haul
Police raid homes
£80 fine for possession
Drugs driver goes free
Police probe the drugs-crime link
Heroin charge
Drugs amnesty offered in rave death inquiry
Boot for drug plant snap pair
Drug boys suspended Free dope outrage
Acid trip that led to heaven Drug raid arrests
Ecstasy guide storm
Joint remand
Crown court to hear drug case
Ecstasy taken by Leah was "pure"
(15.11.95 - daily telegraph)
Huge drugs haul Cannabis Farmer held after £1m cannabis raid
No agony like seeing your daughter die in your arms
Try the stigma option
Acid house goes legal (page 1)
Don't be duped by the drug ban (page 2)
Girl who died of an overdose at 13, and the mother who blames everyone but herself
Drug barons reap rich rewards from rave scene
Drug inquiry after two die at rave party
Thieves snort dog's ashes in cocaine bungle
(2000) - lost email original

Party Pooper

Bitter pill. (part of the previous front page)

Clubbers who spend £200 a weekend on drugs

The clubbers who prefer coke to cola. (part of the previous front page header)

Dealers 'selling crack on London buses'

Farmer held after £1m cannabis raid

Heroin and ecstasy discovered in hedge

The coke connection - page 1

The coke connection - page 2

Drug grandad jailed
Jurors in LSD rick at £5m drug trial

Shower gel shoplifter was short of cash

Denies thefts

Solicitor criticises lack of psychiatrist in court
From the NME section, (1988) an interesting read!!
Countdown to ecstasy: a trip through the year of acid.

Hunt for bouncer over drug scam
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