Rave news clippings,
mainly from 1992.
Again, I have tried to put them in the best order I could. Unfortunately I didn't keep dates
of when I cut them out the paper, and which paper they were from.
A lot of the clippings are from our local paper, loads of parties were held around our area.

Bright little ravers Rave is all the fave (page1)
Rave is all the fave (page2) (Pukka gear!)
Rave is all the fave (page3) (Britain rules the raves)
Holiday misery of illegal hippy rave Aftermath of "rave" in a quarry
Police "could do nothing" to stop illegal party Hippies plan illegal festival Police storm party
Police in acid party battle Police in party clash Police break up pop party cars convoy
WPC terror ride Hippy army beats police blockade Police act to prevent warehouse rave party
Rave on beach stopped at 3am Police alert over ravers Alert over beach rave
Alert as 200 flock to "rave" at beach Shock raves hit Somerset Farmer forces action against hippie invasion
Farmers warned over rave parties Illegal festival foiled by police 1,200 at big rave party
Car raid at rave. (We nearly went to this party but we never made it. Lucky. Heard lots of stories from people who did go and got beaten up by Bristol bad-boys) West men held in pay party drugs swoop Drug swoop as crowd gathers on motorway
All-night rave bid Village up in arms at rave plan
Rave party is off
Fell swoop on the acid revellers All the rave
Cheers as rave party is axed
Party swoop Rave party probe Stop raves before there's a tragedy
Rave warning as police probe fraud Rage at rave
Beauty spot ravers face court in joint council crackdown. (Think we went to one of these parties over the Easter weekend)
Rave attacks
I'm so sorry, says duped farmer as rave shatters villages' peace Cliff plunge fears over dance party
It's no to big farm rave Opposition expected to all-night rave at Yeovil showground "Acid" party crack-down bid success
Police swoop on rave party Ravers pelt fire crews 2,000 join rave protest; Luton
Rave barred; Letchworth, Hertfordshire
The lost tribes: Rave culture (page 1)
The lost tribes: Rave culture (page 2)
Rave on rails
Rave new world
Keep out of town - the rave is off
Rave on; Law
Drug inquiry after two die at rave party
Rave raided; Culham, Oxfordshire
Ravers to greet the new year

All-night dance faces setback
Alcohol sales at rave restricted
Rave killing: five quizzed Beach closed in rave alert
Drug barons reap rich rewards from rave scene
All-night rave plan for summer
June rave on cards

(The Eclipse raves)
Rave mob's vicious countdown
(11.8.99) - lost original

(The Eclipse raves)
Police try to storm anarchist camp in battle of the eclipse
(11.8.99) - lost original

(The Eclipse raves)
Violence erupts at rave
(11.8.99) - lost original

Police: We could not stop rave
(05.09.00 Metro) - lost original

Under siege

Moment a raver's van tore towards BBC man

Letting it all hang out
(sent in by ...)

Night & Day, Mail on sunday supplement
Clubbing by numbers

Clubbing by numbers - Page 2

DJ Roco on the road to stardom

Spinning to an hour of glory

Live goat abused on stage in techno gig
(fom salford uni mag - 1996, 1997 or 1998)

Sleep beats 7,000 ravers
(sent in by ...)

Bend and stretch - Loose Leeds
(sent in by ...)

They could have danced all night
(sent in by ...)

On stage
(sent in by ...)
French raves - Choc magazine French raves - Choc magazine Yah, like, rave on!
Sent in by a mate, no date, 2009??
Chief constable is out of his depth, says MP
Stories I found on the internet when they became news. There are hundreds, if not thousands if you search now.
From the internet Travellers descend on Port From the internet

Ravers wreck police cars
(BBC link)

From the internet 'We just wanted to find a bargain': Elderly couple looking for jumble sale end up at 'illegal rave' Read
(DM link)
From the internet

Union angry at farm raves
(BBC link)

From the internet

Arsonists strike at illegal rave
(BBC link)

From the internet

Hampshire Police 'attacked' at illegal rave
(BBC link)

From the internet

Police break up illegal farm rave
(BBC link)

From the internet

Police arrest nine people at rave
(BBC link)

From the internet

Police halt illegal woodland rave
(BBC link)

From the internet

Block cleared after 12-hour party
(BBC link)

From the internet Vallis Vale illegal rave shut down by police
(LINK) May 2016
From the internet

Halloween Rave Goes On Despite Seven Arrests
(Sky link)

From the internet Riot police tackle 'illegal' rave in High Holborn
(BBC link)
From the internet Police refuse to close down massive illegal rave despite complaints from sleepless neighbours because they said it was SAFER to let it continue
(Paper Link) MAy 2016
From the internet Real reason Thatcher tried to ban acid house parties revealed
(Sky link)
From the internet llegal New Year's Eve rave inside Tyne Bridge tower LIFT SHAFT shut down by dozens of police
(Mirror link)
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