D-Day anniversary, 1994 Yeovilton Air Base in Somerset was host to the largest air armada since the Gulf War,
there war literally over a hundred war planes from many countries around the world, except the Germans.


A few Concord pics

In this photo are an F-111, Sea Harriers and about 10 F-16's.    
Two British Tornado's taking off in formation, again, very very low. Even closer.  
F-111, very big and bloody loud.   A couple of Canadian F-16's
  A pair of Russian Mig-23's.  
Two of Yeovilton's own Sea Harriers, slow in comparison to the rest of the planes.    
  American F-14, very low and fast, going almost vertical when reaching the crowds at the end of the runway. Another F14.
This was taken the day after Yeovilton air day 2009. Weather not so good, so did not attend. Would have loved to have seen the Vulcan flying though.        
Concord at Yeovilton air day one year, very early 80s or late 70s      
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