Shepherds Bush Empire hosted the DMC British mixing championships here, great, safe and attitude free evening,
Great DJ's, loads of freebies and the music was delicious. Saturday 15 July 2000

Inside and it's packed. Loads of people, but no attitude at all! this makes for a great atmosphere. Can't remember all the DJ's who mixed that night, check out the DMC site for that.
All these guys were amazing, they mixed some wicked tunes. And the crowd goes wild! Some of them make a few mistakes at the beginning of their sets.
Human beat box was pretty good, until his throat packed up! Swift giving away loads of goodies, managed to grab a slip matt. When these guys start cutting and scratching it totally blows you away, so fast.
Dropping drum and bass in, pitching up and down, cutting, scratching, mind blowing to watch no no no! Judges taking it easy.
The tunes were rough, can't wait to the world championships The team mixing, this is fantastic to watch, each DJ taking care of business So hard to explain how great this sounded, got to find the video.
    Bad boys.
Met some people at the show and brought them back for drinks Picture of the girls back at the house. The ticket for the night, pre-drink at the Vesbar.
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