World DMC mixing championships
Well, no where near as good as the British finals at Shepherds Bush. In fact, it was a disgrace.
This badly organised event ruined what could have been a great event. The location, Skyscape, part of the Dome.
If it were held in the Dome on the centre stage, great. But in a no-smoking all sitting room with a small stage at the front, shame on you DMC.
What ever happened to the days where the DJ's mixed on a huge centre stage in the shape of a SL1200??
and loads of live acts like PE. Music and mixing wasn't bad though. 24.9.00

A bad pic of the Dome. One of the first people to invent mixing and scratching. Hard to see what is going on, I manage to spot that they are giving wrist bands away, so we all manage to get into the enclosed part. One of the MC's runs around the arena rapping, amazing. But because of the bad organisation, they put the press in the way of us, the fans.
This meant that you missed every other DJ. The mixing was spot-on for most of them. Give us some freebies guys! Atmosphere was not as friendly as the Bush. The DJ in yellow was amazing!! Shot of the crowd
See what I mean about the press, put them elsewhere! More crowd shots Out the fuckin' way!!
Manage to push my way through the crowd to get a better spot, I'm not missing out! More and more people get in the way! Just manage to see the large screen behind them Swift and Cash Money? give out more free stuff!
He should have been the winner, this kid was amazing Another action shot. The crowd goes mad, amazing mixing
These two kids were amazing too, this chap was scratching this jazz track/trumpet like I've never heard before Some little lady took this one. OK, the end, Swift is running around with his camera
The prizes were amazing, 3rd came our own British entrant Great stuff 2nd came the little chap, he should have some 1st, everyone thought so. So did he, he was on the bog!
1st place, 3rd time in a row! look at those decks Gillian, well, he looked like Gillian from The Running Man, he was mr DMC, tried making some jokes, hmmm. He was good, but...... There was a SHITE report of the event given in The Sunday Times "Culture" section. Wot a load of tosh! What does that reporter know about the culture, the music, the techniques? Looser!
A few more pics taken with a free Virgin camera, but messed up when a crap shop in Glastonbury developed them, Thanks! shot of the crowd Big pair of breasts! Gillian loves them!
Mad media scrum Someone else in the mix.  
  The ticket, Will didn't have one, but amazingly some girl from no where came up and gave him one! a ticket.    
(multimap) Worthy Farm (Glast' fest' Link)      
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