We used to go to towers around Somerset on "freakouts".
We'd just get stoned or drop a tab and wander around in the dark at these old towers,
sometimes we would have keys to get in and clmb up them.

A picture of the group, Mark, John and Steve. Visiting a tower in Somerset, Cranmore, Bruton or..., whichever it was, we were freaking out. There were about 3 towers to choose from, some we had keys too. Mark legging it off somewhere.
Gathering our thoughts, Wellington Monument was fun as we had a key to it, these pics are further down or follow the link (click) Trying to scare them with the flash from my camera. Mark looses it and has to calm down outside the car. Too many drugs that night. Weston woods, trying to find a party, but ending up smoking too much and Mark getting confused.
At the car park waiting to go up one of the towers. Everyone gets ready and skins up some fat ones for later. These are some extra pics, not sure where they were taken. At a guess this could be Weston Woods.
These ones look lke they are out on the moors somewhere.    


Wellington Monument, another tower we used to visit for a laugh and freak out. This time we had a key cut for it. 1990/1991

Wellington Monument photos, same as the Wellington gallery. LINK

Driving down the M5 taking pictures and the like. How many lanes shall we take up? Police car with blue lights flashing undertakes us

Pulled up along side the Subaru A group photo outside the tower, I was too wasted/tired to go in. Ian, John, Mark, Steve and Rats.
A dark photo taken outside the monument. I'm tired, Mark is wasted. Ian's having a laugh in the back.
Racing home        
Alfred's Tower. Burtle. Cranmore Tower (East Cranmore).
Burton Pynsent, (Curry Rivel). Wellington Monument.    
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