The "Haunted House" as we called it. It was just a camping trip really, a chance to get away,
maybe get drunk etc, and have a laugh in the process. 1991.

The house through one of the many holes of the barn in which we stayed. The day we arrived we started doing doughnuts in the field, unfortunately we had not noticed the pond in the middle. John demonstrates how far over the pond he went. You can just make out the landing marks on the grass closest the bottom of the frame.
The stones that John hit! Cracking the pond edge caused the tire and wheel to completely break. Another successful night out. Mark messing around
Johns car at the pond and Marks in the background More messing And even more doughnuts
At night we ventured from the barn into the haunted house Exploring the house next to the barn. Lots of hippie stuff written on the walls. Who is making that buzzing noise? The camera I think John:-)
Dawn in the morning, not a good thing to take her picture this early. Mark getting up! Sod that, back to sleep, we were wasted from the night before.
Dawn making a quick exit Its was pretty warm considering what we had to protect us Just getting up, how much did we drink?
A shot of the group. Another shot of the group in the barn we stayed.    
Map. not sure where, but outside of shepton.      
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