This disused quarry has been the scene of many free parties because of the great atmosphere it gave off,
it is set in a beautiful cathedral like location.

It is very dangerous though and people should stay away.

They must have forgotten their glowsticks! Police refused to break-up rave in quarry… because it was too DARK

Police claim it was 'too dark' to break up rave

Quarry death youth named - 2003

A view from the opposite cliff face. It is just possible to see the beach like area that the parties have been held on, also used for bbq's and other activities. We used to go swimming there when we were kids, jumping off the high cliffs, but there is no way people should do it now as there has been so many accidents there. A similar shot

Old piece of info regarding Freeserve back in the early days of this website in 1999:

Well, the site is back up after many problems because of this page, below is a saga worthy of the Star Wars trilogy. How long this page will stay is anyone's guess. What's wrong with it??? Please e-mail me with your answers. All this happened back in the late 1990's

Right, here goes, below is the transcript of emails between myself and Freeserve.

ME: Just a quick question, how long until my web page is operational again.
It has been off-line since before the weekend, after I have been
publicising it on the internet, in magazines and at the Glastonbury
Festival.  I hope that the problem is sorted out soon.  This is the second time in
almost as many months as when the e-mail system went down over a period of days.
I am happy with Freeserve, but may be considering moving to Free-online
if the problems continue.  Thanks.

THEM: Sorry,
But your account has been locked due to complaints from solicitors.

ME: What do you mean locked???? By whom and why???

THEM: Simon,
The site has been suspended, following a complaint from the solicitors
representing the owner of Holcombe Quarry.

ME: Why wasn't I told this before? I could have been asked to change the
wording or whatever the problem with them was instead of shutting down my
site completely.  It's a bit OTT really.  If you let me know what is wrong with
them then maybe I can change it and the site can be put back on line,
especially with all the publicity I have given it of late.  If this is not
going to happen then let me know as I will be hosting the site elsewhere.

There you have it, what a load of bollocks! This all happened at the same time as Glastonbury Festival 1999, Solicitors indeed!
This site has been hosted elsewhere with the same page since it wa kicked off Freeserve.
Funny this all happened at the same time as the company floated on the stock market.
Where is Freeserve now?


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