Ian and Nuala's Wedding in Batcombe, Somerset.
The date was 24th August and the reception was on his brother in law's farm near Evercreech 2002

The Burning star goes up well, maybe Steve should have dripped wax over each twig though. Pat' and James have fun with their fireworks. Everyone knows to stand well back.
The disco was good fun, lots of people who were not too drunk managed a dance. Think Mike was on the pull that night and was meant to meet up with some 14yr old ;) The lights and everything looked great. We all got suited and booted and had a laugh.
All ages managed to dance to the hard-core-gabba-trance that was mixed. Good to see many people we aint seen for ages there. The laser finally works! and looked pretty good in the smoke.
Chris had lots to eat and drink, came prepared for bacon in the morning too. Has the wedding started yet?" James passes out on the floor.
Maybe it was meditation before having a mix as the legendary DJ Bizarro. Kindly donated by Bernie Slammin down those tunes, literally.
The video is pretty funny to watch too. The following day headed down to Bantham        
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