Some photo's from my uni days in Salford. Can't say I enjoyed it much, or gained much from my time there.
Would not recommend it at all. 1996-1998
Below are some photos of John Rylands library, and Salford Uni, Manchester

Also added some pics of a trip I had up there at Christmas 2005

First impressions were good, a nice clear day when we went up to view the uni. Miles from home which was not a problem. Was told it was one of the best for media.
Glad I didn't go to the worst! Manchester itself was ok, lots of good shops and places to go And Salford was not too bad, just don't go out at night.
Granada studios Looking up into the impressive stair case at John Rylands library. Something or other
Great gothic style inside. Cant remember his name, some mad UFO guy with Brian and myself The only pic i have inside the uni.
The canal on the way to classes Shame our lessons were not in that smart building though. Hmm a nice estate, luckily empty! no scallies.
My lovely halls, 3rd floor on the left at the rear, and then on the right, 2nd floor at the front for my 2nd year. Eddie Coleman Overlooking the bingo hall, lovely. Always cars being broken into there. I cant be bothered to stick the pics together, so there's a job for you.
Another yucky tower block full of those loveable scallies. Don't walk through the underpass though. Ahh my fav' estate. Every morning at 4-5am police cars, helicopter gunships, dogs the lot! The other halls opposite.
Looking over to Manchester and Coronation Street. Man utd in the very background. looking back over the precinct. God, how many episodes of Z cars, X cars? not the black and white one, were filmed up and down those roads? Such a nice place, a clear day for a change, used to be grey nearly everyday up there.
And that's it, overlooking the church. Leftover pics, another one of the estate. My room, lucky i didn't have to share this with anyone. There was another room next to mine though.
He was a nutter! Nightmare, but hey. Room was pretty big, used to work at Safeway's in Swinton to buy extra bits Think this is in my second year
B&W shots taken to use a old film up    
    A trip in 2005, visited for a trip to the theatre.
And up here again in Jan 2007 for Kylie concert ???? Old union card    
Photographs of Salford Uni Graduation        
Newspaper clippings of this event ??????        
Flyers and scans ?????        
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