Myself, sister and two friends went on a jolly to New York for a week, over Easter and my birthday.
What can you say except amazing. March/April 1999

(pics out of sync, have to find negs to put in order, plus some need to be scanned again)

Tuesday 11th September 2001, remember this day for ever

On the plane after taking off from Heathrow, arriving at JFK on 28th March. The lads are enjoying the free drink and food, great views of the English & Welsh countryside. Arrive at night in New York flying over little islands and eventually small towns.   Looking down the main road into Manhattan, Tom's Diner is just around the corner.
  Brooklyn Museum, just around the corner from where we stayed. Every thing is so big. Clark Street subway station, we got off here so that we could walk across Brooklyn Bridge.
Beautiful day approaching the bridge. Alison with the World Trade center in the background. Remeber how it was. Myself with the Manhattan Bridge with the Empire State Building in the background.
Statue of Liberty in the distance, typical American huge vehicles. Another shot as we get closer to the financial district. Changed forever.  
The city, total inspiring and amazing, nothing else like it. Another shot of the Manhattan Bridge with the Empire State Building in the background. (D.H.3 scene)  
Everyone in shot for a picture, a bit windy though, but boiling hot.   Wall Street, the scene for so many films.
The size of the post office is some what bigger and impressive than ours. The twin towers of the World Trade Center in the background. Huge towers now reduced to ruble, hopefully to be rebuilt. 114 floors up and it's like looking out from a plane, everything looks so small, you even look down on other huge sky scrapers. How could anyone escape let alone jump from here!
  Looking uptown to Manhattan 360 degree tourist shot of the surrounding area.
Don't know what bit that is, but it's on fire! Jersey City in the background. What a view! The two bridges spanning the East River.
Stick them together and what do you get? one hell of a view. Final picture, nearly  
On top of the world, well, the observation tower. The Statue of Liberty in the background. Looking out to Staten Island. One more picture of the area.
  Looking down at Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Yeah, OK. say no more.
How many films has this been in, acting like tourists again. Coming out of the tunnel to some pretty colored houses. Some porno shop, I think :-)
Hope Garden, for Aids sufferers. Great mixture of new and old buildings. Into China Town now, tourist trap, some good bargains though. Found a classic games arcade, full of original titles, amazing. As it says, the Federal Building. One day Mark.
  The back view of the building, crazy garden though, a bit of a maze. The Court house and City Hall.
The gun shop, well, America is famous for them, so I had to find one out. Al's getting excited George Washington over looking the NY Stock Exchange. Mike & Ali enjoying free Pepsi at a new launch of theirs. How many cans could we fit into out bags? Macy D's, would they serve breakfast before 10:30am? NO, Falling down springs to mind.
    Looking up Wall Street.
    Battery Park, queuing up for the boat ride to see the Statue of Liberty.
Under way.    
Approaching the island.    
A shot of the sprawling metropolis.   That flag is every where, and it's huge like everything else. I thought I'd claim this island for Britain.
After queuing for hours we get inside, this is a picture of the old torch before it was replaced.    
Looking up inside.   Nuff said.
    Finally we reach the top, was it worth it? of course, it's something you have to do.
  Finally at the top looking out to see with the next ferry arriving with more people. Looking up inside, again.
Looking out over the queues, when we joined it was longer than that! Mike and myself with the city in the background.  
  The lady towering above us, says it all. Eating yet again, hmmmmm.
Ellis Island where immigrants were processed, great big hall. An American flag which changed into hundreds of faces of immigrants. Mike looks happy, while Ali looks....... Leaving the island, looks a little like Greenwich.
Back to the city. Not at all like how Travis sees it in Taxi Driver. In the back ground as it was.   Well hard, don't mess :-)
  Times Square, we just arrived as a demonstration against the war in the Balkans. NYPD blue everywhere. The Woodstock building in the background.  
    Another tourist shot of Times Square.
Unbelievable location, just like a film set.   Only in America, looking down towards the square.
Above the police station is a huge Panasonic television screen.   Yellow cabs, Oxygen bars, All stars cafe, to see it is to believe it.
Radio City, it's meant to be famous or something. Any ideas? Rockefeller Center, unfortunaly the ice rink had closed for the summer.  
Dead person? just around the corner from Dawn's, where we stayed. Apparently it's someone who has been killed by a car. Terrible shot of the Library, another huge building, did not get time to look inside, maybe next time. The Chrysler Building in the distance, didn't get the chance to get as close as I wanted to.
Can't remember which street now, but it's yet another one of those tourist shots. Grand Central Station, but where are the famous steps from The Untouchables. Or was it in Chicago.  
An amazing shot of some building, Men in Black? Bloomingdale's, great shopping, but a little crowded. Looking down a street.
Same as last pic, but from a distance. Classic NY scene Inside heaven, sorry, Nike Town. Lots of goodies. The Rockefeller Center again, but in day light.
Breakfast at Tiffany's. Filming something or other, famous hotel though. (Home Alone 2, Croc' Dundee)
Central Park west, about 72nd Street. Inside the park, beautiful One of the little bridges that litter the park.
Walked the length of Central Park again, all 840 acres of it. Looking down on the ice skating rink again. Back to the ice rink again, time to chill out and relax before thinking about returning home.
Sky scrappers line the parks borders, but it's a different world in here. Easter in the park, lots of events and some "singers" with ears. Strawberry fields, not really my thing.
The imagine spot, perhaps your not meant to stand on it. The Park's Zoo, feeding time.  
  A huge bottle of Bud'. Inside FAO Schwarz, what a toy store! amazing. Dance on the piano just like Big.
Bobba Fett, only $5500, imagine taken him through customs. They had a huge Star Wars section. Nearly time to go home, taking a rest on some sculpture.
Looking up 58th Street. The Federal Reserve, as seen in D.H.3 The financial district. Looking down where the subway was built for the film, and later blown up.
  Behind is one of the Trump buildings. Walking around, trying to find more locations
  The Empire State, from a distance. A bit closer.
Outside, did not have time to visit the restaurant though. Trying to find Madison Square Gardens. Some thin building, first iron building is it??
110th Street in Harlem, now that was fun, we walked very quickly. Home time, on the plane, more free drinks and food, some rotten films and lots of water.    
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