New years eve 2000/2001, what to do. Well all very last minute as always.
No big parties or nothing like that, was even thinking of having a quiet one in! ok maybe not ;)
Ended up in this small place on the Taunton road called Moorlinch, a one pub village.
We got very drunk and very bad and ended up having a great time!

A shot of the crowd in this little room, a bit like the barn, but lots smaller. It was pretty nicely done out. Inside everyone was dancing to the music when it finally got going. Took ages for them to get it sorted Patrick and James let loose with their fireworks at midnight, nearly blowing them-selves up in the process, (seems to be a recurring theme with those two.)
No that's not me mixing, wonder who it is though, got a twin out there! John tries to make the place safe. Water leaking onto electric plugs and wires just isn't safe. Some interesting hair cuts I must say! Well we are in deepest darkest Somerset Lots of pissed up people, loads of cider flowing, generally a good night.
James meets an old friend of Will's I believe, totally mad! drunk too. A good party I must say, had a right old laugh        
Map. Somewhere in Moorlinch      
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