Phil and his girlfriend Tanya, and of course their little son, Andy.
Both at Uni' in Leicester
(page needs updating! they are now 36! LOL)

The parents with their little one. Andy jumping around, getting in practice, I hear Phil has signed him up to Chelsea already. efore the ceremony, everyone meets Phil for the first time in ages. Where's Doug? well, ........................... (5.8.00)
Ceremony was great Everyone looked fantastic. OK, outside the church and it's time for the photographs Boiling hot day in Leicester, really surprising, Phil & Tanya with parents
Trying to grab the flowers A bit big for you dude, but hey. The happy couple, Mr & Mrs
Bridesmaids and the bestman. Lovely hot day, Steve talks to his parents. Everyone except Phil, oh well. Finally Doug arrived in time for the wedding. Doug, Me, Guy, Ben and Mark.
Back at the reception, a few glasses of champers. Doug not only being late, is now going early, he misses all the fun, his fault for being a bank manager I guess. Happy in pink? Here we go:-) I don't know what it is, must be because we are from wacky Glastonbury but...
Beware, everyone got stained by this lovely Irish waitress, nice lady, gave Ben loads of extra helpings, just could not serve. :-) made it more fun though. First dance The Speech was interesting, pretty funny, as was the whole day, we made the most of it going from London to Leicester on the Friday. Wedding on the Saturday.
Little Tom? dancing genius. Mark, sit down and have a rest, it's been a long day. Not only a dancer, but a farter, not only could he fart under his arm like most people, but his leg, chin, eyes and ears.! Steve finds it hilarious! Brother and sister? Next was arm wrestling. After loads of drinks time to retire and watch Big Brother!
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