Mayday riots 2002!

Not as good last years in size and violence, but hey, this time i was closer in with it all with my video camera! Below are a few pics, but the video stuff has yet to be edited. As with last year the police caught lots of people in a cordon so to stop the violence, i had to sacrifice footage and pics to stop myself getting caught in that net. It was a more relaxed one though, the police were not as heavy handed and the march and protest was well behaved. Playing footy in Mayfair and Oxford Street had to be the highlight. As per usual the press didn't show the real going on's even though they were present, just as many as last year, out numbering the actual protesters it seems. The hardcore violent element seemed very small too, only saw 1 Womble! well, here's to next year :)

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Ok, the day started off for me after leaving work early, rushed over to Green Park Tube. Got out of the station and saw the helicopter overhead! Walked down towards where i thought it was hovering was met by a load of people running, waving flags, and police hot on their heals. The rest of the day was spent running around Central London followed by the police.
There was a huge police presence everywhere just to make sure. They didn't know where we were going, nor did the bulk of us. There were lots of signs and slogans where ever you looked. People caged in wondering what is going on
Businesses everywhere had boarded up the night before. They feared the trouble what had happened last year. After walking down from The Ritz we ended up at Piccadilly circus for the first time, holding up the traffic where ever possible.
Managed to get a copy of Hate Mail, will try and scan it in some time. Lots of people were dressed up in fancy outfits, more like a carnival then anything else. Or just an excuse to take the day off work. I do agree with the cyclists, amount of times i've nearly ended up under a BMW on Putney Bridge!
Don't kill the rabbit! Walking down towards Regent street again. After walking miles, we ended up at the American Embassy
A lot of groups seem to have met up here as the crowds seemed larger. Loads and loads of people And of course plenty of press
Cyclists getting angry, should have arrested the tosser in the car! A Texan making his point! WEll Bush did steal the presidency At least people didn't swear! lots of kids about too
Bush's oil government destroying our plant and our lives Everyone joined in making a racket. Even the football came out! Police presents was pretty big throughout the day.
All meeting up at Bond street. It did seem as if things were going to kick off. The day was getting hotter as the sun came out, and everyone was drinking too. Bush on a skateboard
ALF doing their thing, not KLF Running around all the back lanes now around Bond street and the back of Regents. Lots of coppers on the phone!
Not sure what the t-shirt said, if anyone knows then drop me a line! Back to the Ritz again, police blocking the road, but we didn't want to go that way anyway, keep up if you can
Normal consumers and workers going about their business as this chaos goes on around them Dodgy geezer! wot u listening too? Back to Piccadilly circus, still playing footy as we go.
The girls are certainly interested well they are having a laugh anyway going up C X Road where the riot police raced down last year towards me. Lots of people recording the events
Stopping commercialism in its tracks And helping us to cross the busy roads too Another shot
Playing footy now in Oxford street, wot a laugh. As we progressed down the street all the shops started closing and putting down barriers in a wave as we walked down, Some had prepared early! Forever blowing bubbles
Oh dear, reached McD's, again i thought it was going to kick off. Lots of jeers, swearing and general noise. some nutter overlooking from the roof tops More workers looking on at the chaos
Boarded up and with cameras looking on and flash guns going off, i was preparing for a riot! People blowing whistles and banging drums, it was a great party atmosphere which does draw you into becoming a mob. Bush on a skateboard!
Police lines are drawn as they thought we were going to invade McD's a huge variety of people. some, well, i aint sure what he's meant to be
Police following up the rear again There's that Bush again! A big meet at Bond street again by Selfrdiges. 2-3 large groups met up at once.
Not sure on the numbers, but quiet a lot! Loads of black flags, i guess the "follow me" flags Hmm a nice target, surprised it wasn't one though
Some people having their pics taken, Walking up to Hyde park corner some band or something
All kinds of people came along, maybe not as many as last year apparently. A group of mad girls clapping to something. And there's that guy dressed up again, no idea!
And again, i have no idea what all that is about Police keeping a close eye on the march, which was pretty peaceful, not quiet, but peaceful Don't worry, we aint looking to stay the night!
Holding up all the traffic, well if the lorry drivers can do it, so can we! Back down Regents street at about 4pm now. Walked bloody miles! Bush yet again!
Student? not sure? Thousands march on towards Piccadilly circus
And the police looking on! Having a pee up there! with all those police looking on? In the end we just hang around at Piccadilly, no one really knew where to go. i hung around till 5 when the sex workers started their marge in Old Compton street.
Again, police everywhere snapping away. I guess we can demand to have those pics under the freedom of information act! The police had by this point virtually had the whole of the west end sealed now, as all the marchers/rioters were in one place. if they wanted to start something it should have been before they all arrived.
The cause of all the problems. there's that thing again! Hung around snapping away.
The cyclists went down and blocked the road which was good, enabled me to grab a bite to eat, while sitting in the middle of the road! Police are wondering what to do with us lot Right, 5pm down to Soho for the Sex workers!
Red flags! more people filming other people filming The atmosphere is now fantastic. The sun is shining, there are drummers and dancers, and the procession starts off.
The anti nazi flag, well that ends up at the end of the night being dragged off by the police with its owner! It was heaving!, the road is only narrow anyway, and with several thousand people crammed in makes it a fun evening. PS & animal cruelty ?? home made spur of the moment sign?
sex workers def' put a lot of effort into it with their music, flags and dance! it did turn into a carnival of sorts Lots of good humour too.
Their banner walking to the end of Compton street now Tons of noise, so loud, but really made you dance and get into the feel of things
everyone was either 1/2 pissed or stoned! The bomb that was being thrown around. glad it missed me as it seemed to hurt when it hit people

skinning up?

suck or blow? The crowd had changed from the marge in the day. lots more dodgy kinds of people had arrived after work or seeing it on TV. People were enjoying themselves though.
where ever u looked. and there's that anti nazi sign again the red flags
heading down to Shaftsbury Ave', everyone enjoying the vibe oh and again! the roads got narrower, so many people were getting squashed
again there were loads of people taking pics and video the day. one of the sex workers! something or other about PCP
men in white Banging away all very pink and gay
people with kids and stuff, party atmosphere Shafts' was full of people, only people on foot could get through! Doing their sex dance
not very sexy dance though a little butterfly? all ages had come out that day to join in
even the little drummer guy. The police again sticking their cameras in peoples faces, shame its the same as mine! people thinking i'm a copper! So many people, makes up for Glast fest' being crap.
all dressed up. McD's in the background, nice wig on the old chap too. it was a nice afternoon, didn't really feel threatening at that stage.
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