London Riot 2009

Arrived too early, but had work to go to, oh well.
A bit of a shame I'm not there this year, but after watching the police go mad on the protestors, I'm kinda glad I didn't.
I'm sure the report into the G20 clashes will not blame the police.

Went back during lunch after watching it on TV kicking off.
Managed to get close, but as always, the police had made small controllable groups of protesters

Start work at 11am so went in early to see what was happening, not much at 10.45. All rather dull and quiet Bank of England was quiet But within an hour on Sky news, it was a full scale riot!
Stupid man!    
Lunch time, instead of the gym, went back to see what was happening. News coverage was mad!!! People breaking into RBS and throwing computers out the windows lol. Could not very close, Police had everything locked down Which ever entrance I tried, no luck
Police everywhere.   Could not see what was happening behind police lines.
  Same tactics, separate the protesters into small groups, stop them leaving and others joining.  
    Had a lucky escape here
Happily taking pics... Lots of shouting and screaming... Then the police start pushing the other lot back, and us back, separating us further.
When i looked around aster taking this pic, they started closing lines behind me, so I had to escape on my bike pretty dam fast and not be allowed to be trapped in. Very Lucky Mobile phone pics  
Thanks to Mr D for these pics      
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