The famous Street Inn in 1991. Not quite the Ritz, but it's been our place for 10 years now.
(written in 1997) This particular night some Morris Dancers were doing their thang!
Some how Dawn was dragged into it. Sorry Dawn:-)

Round and round they go. Lovely hankies. Now what's happening?
Up she goes. How embarrassing, well, now the whole world can see it. Some friends trying their hand at snuff. The dancers brought it with them, hundreds of different types, interesting stuff.
There were even weird contraptions that shot it up your nose. At the bottom left of the picture you can see a box that contains the different "flavours". There was even camel dung or something. Mark taking his turn at the snuff. The chief himself with his box of tricks! out noses were running brown goo all night!
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