Lots of TV work and the like.

Work experience on The Friday Zone in 1997. I did this every Friday for about 5 shows.

More BBC photo's from another placement in 1998 , this time on cameras. Had one week there and had a different program to work on each day.

Some pics from Fantasy football league, Nickelodeon, SPIS and The Really Wild Show or some earlier version of it.

Sage or is it Onion?? And again, with my sister. Outside, in the middle of TV centre.
Looking out towards QPR's ground. Looking after the kids, making sure they did nothing silly. Rehearsals in the morning, we al get gunged having to play the games the children would play later.
Time for a break. One of the groups of kids we had to look after. Yet another group.
And a girls class. More kids. There were two schools each week from different parts of England.  
Alison after getting gunged. Peter Simon taking the micky. Steve Rock with his room key.
Chris Jarvis another one of the presenters. Emma Lee, there was also Josie D'Arby and Dominic the magician.      


More BBC photo's from another placement in 1998 , this time on cameras.
Had one week there and had a different program to work on each day.

Petra the dog from Blue Peter, along with this statue are many in the plagues in the gardens, (honest it is).

bad quality

The famous garden, the pond is at the top with paw prints and hand prints from the presenters.    
Anniversary of Blue Peter, the same week as Richard Bacon, (bottom right), was asked to leave. bad quality  
    Some B&W pics of The Friday Zone rehearsals
The man himself, what an awful pic of me.

The famous Jules Holland piano with Mark and Tom who I got into watch Later...

bad quality

Courtney Love and Marc Almond, then onto the green room for drinks and party.
Totally knackered after running around all night, free drinks at the after party. Part of the sound system's amp, so many toys every where. One of the huge mixing desks, one for each band and then a master for all.
Spice Girls Mel C Got to be in the audience for Fantasy Football  
Friday Zone scripts    
BBC Map.


A another post production company in London, I was here as a runner for a couple of months.
Crap job, very hard work, but it's a start in the industry, so happy I progressed quickly. 2000.

Inside one of the Telecine suits, most people were pretty nice, there were a couple of wankers though Front sound, Al's room, one of the good guys. One of the on-line suits
Steve's sound prep, another one of the nice guys in the industry, not many like him. Numbers    
Telecine Map.
    Meredith on Sunday, Strode College
Video link to the advert
Video link to the show
Film "Barry Lyndon" call sheet      


Had a work placement at Nickelodeon, took a few pics of the madness in 1998.
I worked here for work experience to try and get a job after finishing Uni.

A shot of some of the guys who also worked there answering phones and the like. It was a great laugh. It could be hard work especially when the kids got home from school and kept ringing, really enjoyed it though. On the phone to someone, always some funny kid.
Nickelodeon Map.


SPIS'tastic pics
Leaving party for Alex & Joel, £150 on the bar, about 6 of us to drink it. 22.9.00

Lucy, Jo and Alex on his last day. Good to see Jo has finally removed that pole from Alex's grasp Right, to the pub, Alex had his presents, Pink stuff and a mic'. Ewan looks like a murderer, apparently. Or is it Cartman? Joel acts surprised!
T-shirt and something else for Joel :-) More beers? Alex, what you doing to Jo? remove your hand now! So who's up for Tequila? You did it? nah you did. Still trying to drink that money away.
Lucy, hmmm, no more drinks for her. OK, we had been drinking since lunch time, and was now on double SC's Not my pics. Matt having problems with Pubmed
Jo thinking about her pussy Joel. Yeah well, glad he went, his feet stank
Alan, hmmm, where's the Any key?
A pre-Xmas thing at "Jamie's", how much was spent? Xmas 2000    


The Really Wild Show or some earlier version of it in early 80s
I think in Weston-super-Mare

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