A cheap day out, up early at 6am to queue for a ticket!
Well worth it though, really is a great day out.
Wimbledon 2001

The ticket!, Wednesday, bloody hot and up very early. Now, I am crap at tennis, i know nothing about it at all! Apparently this and the next shot, same girl, is a big player! ah well. So don't know my stars, walked past Venus and a host of other players and retired players!
Men's doubles, you can get really close to the games, their fast and exciting.   OK, I know who this is, Tim? nah, Greg.
Nice sweat dripping from his nose, just won that match, shame about Tim though! Again, no idea who this is, Jon? can u help? Same match, but no idea.
OK, end of the day, one last quick game, we saw the British girl get knocked out that morning. Nearly got done for taking a match ball, was given lots of evils before running home! LOL Fantastic day out, pretty cheap too if you buy a ground ticket. Great weather too. Tall Greg
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