Xmas at the Windmill 2002
What a party, I don't know where to start, they are always pretty wild and it takes a lot to shock me now.
This! well, this was out of control! Some pics did not come out :(

OK, well Saturday night, eventually. Steve mixes some wicked drink, basically it was everything x2 in G's 1st drink of the party. Everyone was there. It started pretty soon, G lost it and stumbles across the room knocking into Will, whom he gets very friendly with! LOL The famous bin liner trick!
G does his stripping! I just didn't want to take any pics of what happened further, I have some standards that The Adult Channel taught me. The money shot! well where to start! At the top of the hill with Will, G is dancing in cow pats and wobbling all over the place. He staggers back and looses control, rolling backwards down the hill, I grab a perfect picture which is messed up, Will turns to me and laughs!, we look back and he's gone. He ended up rolling down the hill and ending up covered in goo and barbed wire! Back in the windmill, he's still drinking and, well, how can I put this? simulating a sex act with another member of the group! I hide! He is warned off, felt up with a mag lite and collapses to the floor in a heap!, again.
How much can he take, another drink is given to G. No pressure of course. After seeing that, G starts to feel ill! who wouldn't. I had the best fun as being totally sober! Hardcore down the toilet the night before! so I could watch from a distance and LOL. I think G is rolling back down the hill again! Everyone had lost the plot! It was funny sitting back and watching. It reminded me of some kinda crazy dysfunctional family. While all this madness was going on, everyone settled into their own worlds for comfort and sanctuary. Some were skinning up, others washing, some on the phone, poring drinks, all the while when people were dancing naked around the place!
Back from another trip, G comes back rather worse for wear. I am making no assumptions on what has happened down below, work it out yourselves. OK, eating banana with skin on only to be spat out, rubbed over ones face and danced upon. This shocked me to the core! I have seen things, and done things, but nothing prepared me for this! Peace and quiet, passes out on the sofa, we huddle around. No bowls of warm water unfortunately.
To prove we are normal, and can behave ourselves, I have to take pics to prove that we are not barking mad! Will the vegi cooking steak at 5am, well we were all hungry, been a long long night, one of the funniest! Ready to go, will he puke or not?
We all escape, another Xmas and NY over, in the end G didn't puke, and I think Rog is happy that now his puking pics have been outclassed! :) Extra pic found of G' slumped at the bottom of the hill    
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