Acid Party - Free party 12th January 2013

I got an email at the beginning of the week which I thought was just more spam. Before binning I took a quick look, thank god I did!
Free acid house party, proper old skool style it was being billed as. I had to go no matter what! Even though we had promised to have lunch in Kent
at a friends house. This was a party not to be missed. Emailed my mates, no one up for it! Can you believe it!!!! They lost out big time as this
rave pretty much delivered on everything. It was like stepping back in time to the early raves we went to and friends put on in
Glastonbury Assembly rooms and Crispin Hall. I had been to an oldskool billed rave before, Moondance, it was ok. The "problem" with these
types of events are that all the usual classic rave anthems are played, so after a while it gets a bit dull as there are so many other amazing tunes out there.
As this was a low key event too, there wasn't loads of kids about, just people who knew and loved the music.

Listen to Slipmatts mix here

Listen to Billy Daniel Bunter mix here

The flyer was emailed, not picked up at a record shops or another rave like before. Still, we had to ring the number to find out where it was! GREAT!! Made the call, got the location, wicked, two stops from home on the tube! Perfect! Union club in Vauxhall The place was pretty busy by the time I arrived, around 23.45
I had to take as many photo's as possible while still enjoying myself, as looking back at the original raves we went too, I never took enough. Slipmatt in the mix Good mix of people, mostly older original types of ravers. Not sure how everyone found out about the party, there was a FB group set up and a bit of chatter online forums too.
From the FB chatter, I was hoping for less lights and more strobe, still, it felt great in there. Freezing cold outside with snow forecast.  
Some younger people to liven the place up a bit.   Everyone looked better on the night than they do in the pics lol
Good crowd Everyone throwing their arms in the air when top tunes came on.  
Great strobe light. A lot of people dressed up for the event too which made it more special No bad boy attitude either, nice friendly vibe.
UVs next time!! I would definitely like more strobes with a controller next time, it was great when Slipmatt changed the tempo/speed of it. would have been better too if they had a complete blackout with just strobes at times  
  Ratpack turned up to see what was going on, I think they were handing out flyers for their big event coming soon. It was a bit of a shame that they didn't mix the vinyl, instead using computers and what ever software, Serato or something. More vinyl mixing!!
  So much for no lasers ;o)  
Great fun night   Interesting to see how things have moved on, instead of asking the DJ what tune is being played, people had the Shazam app out!
Wish I had too on one of the tunes, blew me a away towards the end of the night. Had the chem' balance just right too.  
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(add location...) Union club, Vauxhall        
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