Box fresh - Summer of love, free rave

Saturday 13th August 2005
Wicked free party put on by clothing company Boxfresh. Loads of oldskool classics.
808 state, Altern8, SL2, Ratpack, Phantasy & MC Robbie D

(Have to edit together video clips)

Flyer I picked up from the old shop
Great line-up, even though didn't stay right till the end, 4am was good enough at my age! (after this, I really got back into clubbing on all weekend benders)    
Some camera phone pics. Video clips at the bottom of this page.  
Got to the party pretty early. Certainly made the most of it Music was great from the off
Lots of crazy people dancing around Multi-colored lasers lighting the room up And blinding us all
Lots of crazy dancing    
Mixing it up   Turned the flash off on the cam to get shots of the laser
  After 5 cans of Shark, I was going to be up all night, and what with the turbo coffee before hand! Altern 8, i think. Great tunes.
    Mc Robbie D whips the crowd up.
808 state do their dj set next. Again, loads of classic tunes which take you right back  
    More shots of the laser
    808 state mixing it up.
Drop acid not bombs, sounds good to me   Rave on
  Crazy butterfly man  
  Hands in the air for Dj Phantasy  
Robbie D gurning Wicked tunes, hands in the air for Urban shakedown More and more classics hit the crowd
Crazy kids enjoying the old music Oi, how's those mixtapes i sent you? Wicked lasers. Takes you right back, "multicolored lasers, juice bars and delicacies from around the world" as the adverts used to go on Chillin' fm
Make some noise for Prodigy - Your love    
    Gets to about 3am and the crowd start to thin out
1994 jungle music comes on and pics us up again    
Shattered! Taxi!!!!   Wicked, Acieeeeeed
    Last picture before leaving. When's the next one guys?
Flyers and scans        
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