Charisma parties started off in 1990 in Glastonbury Assembly rooms under different names.
It has since been associated with quality and excellence.

This is the flyer for one of our parties held in Glastonbury's Assembly Rooms. This one was not one of the most successful parties that we have laid on. It was held on 19th Feb 1994? Although the party itself wasn't all that, the lighting display we designed looked great. We had several banks of televisions showing weird montages of news video and general drug induced images.
This was one of the last times we used and saw one of our famous drapes, having been borrowed/stolen. If you have seen it anywhere, let us know. It's a luminous UV picture of the Tin Tin rocket. Smoky shot inside of where we were mixing, in the little house with the windows. It was a good set up we did.
Another smoky shot. Some of the hippies who came A shot of the light
Another Charisma party, this time in Bath, 1995?. Having the party in the basement was fun, as was trying to get the equipment in. But not as much fun as trying to mix under a flight of stairs!! The view of the small room. Dancers to the music
Glastonbury High Street (Multimap)      
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